Red Scare

Alias: Hector Bladislav
Age: 100
Abilities: Great strength and endurance, natural fast healing, abnormally large
Tools: Hammer and sickle, bear skin cape

Red Scare has had several successful careers, his first as the world’s premier super soldier when Russia joined the Allies in World War II. Years later during the Cold War, he ended up in the US working in secret with the CIA and the hero Spangle, posing as a communist threat to America. The goal was the discredit the dangerous witch-hunting mentality of McCarthyism by turning it into a circus sideshow. For years since, Hector was known to the American public as a villain, who’s ridiculous plots to unravel American society were thwarted time and again by Spangle, but in truth he is actually a reasonable, normal man who lives a quiet life in Emperador.

At the beginning of the New Age of Heroes, the Erstwhile Corperation approaches him to round out their new super team, The Aegis, bringing his muscle and life experience with him.


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