Alias: Sgt. Zoe Monch (publicly recognized)
Age: 27
Tools: Valkyrie Suit (gives her the power of flight, access to a suite of weapons of varying impact)

When Sam Silvia disappeared without a word, the Zarathustra Megacorp lost it’s one and only “hero asset” causing widespread panic in the company. A series of rash decisions later saw the Valkyrie Project born of the company’s need to regain such a vital asset. The project’s early days were bogged down when company scientists couldn’t interpret or de-encrypt Sam’s notes for the X-0 Suit. Many were pulled off the project as it hemorrhaged funding and Zarathustra scrambled to find a solution. They shopped the project around, taking seed money from almost anyone who was offering it, and with time and millions of dollars finally created and tested their Valkyrie Suit.

Zoe Monch joined the US Army young, completing several tours before becoming disenchanted with her time spent in the armed forces. She became elated to find that she had been hand-picked for the Valkyrie Project by a superior, seeing it as a chance for her to help people and really effect the world. What she didn’t realize is that she was walking into a nightmare of red tape.

With the Aegis launched, and other heroes on the rise, Zarathustra decides to push the big red button, and launch Zoe headfirst into a cocktail of morally compromising situations all at the hands of “The Board of Directors.”


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