The Mower

Alias: Clarence Clearwater (publicly recognized)
Age: 40
Abilities: Can manifest metal blades, spikes and bars from his body; can plate his skin in metal; can absorb metal in order to recover from significant damage; very strong and resilient
Catchphrase: “Your ass is grass!”

Clarence was the one man to walk away from a freak accident, a nuclear meltdown that somehow fused his body with the metallic tools around him turning him into a paragon with one-of-a-kind powers and abilities.

Due to his mild manner, he didn’t think of becoming a hero until corporate sponsorship pushed him into the gig. Clarence began using the name The Mower after he joined a super-team called The Cleanup Crew. Together with teammates Dustoff, Backburner, and Clipper, Clarence worked higher profile hero gigs around Emperador and internationally, until the team fell apart at the end of the Third Age of Heroes.

Like many retired heroes, Clarence enjoys a retirement funded primarily by outsourcing his personality for use in movies and comic books, however at the beginning of the New Age of Heroes Clarence was asked to join the Aegis. His place on the team rivals that of Red Scare as a triple-A talent, but his soft temperament often detracts from the teams effectiveness.


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