Alias: X-0
Age: 22
Abilities: Flight, amazing strength and reflexes
Tools: [TBD]

Using the amazing resources of the Zarathustra Megacorp, Sam Silvia made himself into a superhero. Paired with his robotic supersuit that he dubbed X-0, Sam became a sensation during the third age of heroes, Heading off several teams with his considerable power.

While facing an otherworldly threat, Sam was wounded, but managed to sign admin privileges over to X-0 as they hurtled through the upper atmosphere. X-0 wasn’t able to recover flight systems before the two of them touched down, killing Sam instantly, and causing X-0 to enter hibernation.

During the New Age of Heroes, X-0 awakens with Sam Silvia’s rotten corpse still locked inside him. Not knowing anything else, he decides to try to be the hero that he thinks Sam would want to be.


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