I only started this blog yesterday, and while I have a lot of ideas for what can go here, I can’t just back my truck up to the loading/unloading bay of the blog and dump them all, as much as I’d like to.

I feel like restraint must be observed. I’ve already written 6 blog posts, but I’ve staggered them out to be released on a schedule. Every Tuesday and Thursday a new one should pop up. They are mostly shorter articles; profile-looks at some of the important characters that exist within our world. Eventually, and hopefully these posts should be able to provide a reader with enough knowledge of any entity or location to get them interested in the stories we want to use them to tell, and provide a fun ref dex for anyone who wants to see how big and weird Emperador has gotten.

The scheduling thing is important because I don’t want to post-dump all at once and then lose interest at the end of the week (read: that could still happen). Hopefully this way I can keep ahead of the game, producing content at a leisurely clip only worrying about having to schedule it at the end instead of focusing on deadlines.

I’m not really sure when I’m going to start posting the actual fiction. I’ll likely do it in chapters, like other fiction blogs do. My hope is to release the first chapter of our debut story sometime next week, but that all depends on if I can find time to produce something rather than just talking about it. With luck I can start queueing chapters on a weekly basis, with profile articles being twice a week.

So that’s the plan for now. Thanks for reading.



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