Hello World

So my friend and I have been messing around with this comic book world for a while now. We’ve got a cast of characters and a bevy of stories, and I just had to find someplace to start publishing some of this hot hot content that we’ve been working on. It’s going to be slow while I figure out how all of this is going to work, but with hope I can fill this place with interesting stuff to read, look at, and study.

So who are we? Well my name is Casey, and my partner is Alexander. I’m an amateur writer, and he’s a… kind of a… verbal storyteller. We make a good team, because he likes to riff off the cuff while I like to write things down. We’ve also never had an argument over a collaborative project before, so that’s a plus.

You might have noticed a vital component missing from our little team… neither of us are visual artists. While that might be a setback, we haven’t let it stop us from creating. It just means that all the content on this blog, at least for a while, is going to be in the form of writing, hopefully that appeals to some.

So sit back and let us transport you to our universe… The Giant Octopus Universe.


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